The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Handrails Over Other Materials

stainless-steel-handrailsStainless steel is a highly versatile metal that’s used in a wide variety of purposes. From construction and manufacture through to bespoke art-work, stainless steel is as aesthetically beautiful as it is practical. One of the major uses of this material is for handrails on staircases and not without good reason. Here are 5 major benefits that place it head and shoulders above other materials.


One of the most important factors for any material used in the creation of staircase handrails is durability. Stainless steel happens to be one of the most strongest metals used for this purpose. It has a high-tensile strength meaning that it can take a lot of weight. As the name suggests it’s also far less prone to rust or decay than other materials. This makes it perfect for use both indoors and out.

Ease of maintenance

With other materials such as wood, wrought iron, or even granite, they take a lot of looking after to prevent warping, cracking or rusting. An endless stream of varnishes, paints, and sealants need to be applied on a regular basis in order to keep them looking like new. On the contrary, stainless steel requires none of the above. It already has it’s very own built-in protection system which dramatically slows down the rusting process. Instead all that’s needed to keep it in great condition is a simple wipe down and polish to remove any unsightly hand marks or scuffs.

They’re cost-effective

If you take into account the low on-going maintenance costs stainless steel is extremely cost effective. In addition it requires no additional finishing, such as powder coating, and can easily be fashioned into just about any design. Once in place stainless steel handrails have the ability to retain their beautiful shiny appearance for many years, making it one of the most affordable types of material for this purpose on the market.

Great modern look

Stainless steel in this form is an affordable way to enhance a building while giving it a contemporary feel. Its sleek look especially when combined with open stairways gives an exquisite appeal that no other material can. For that extra touch of modernity, designers often use glass or polyurethane to intersperse steel handrails for that head-turning look.

Limitless designs

Finally, unlike other materials, designs aren’t limited by the composition of the material. This means that you can be as radical or as plain with your handrail design as you want to be. By adding a equilateral or quadrant design to your staircase for example, you can breath life into even the most ugliest of buildings. With the sheer range of bespoke options available, it’s easy to find a handrail design that suits.

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