The Benefits Of Outdoor Privacy Screening – More Than You Think!

Metal privacy screenWhile more and more housing is being squeezed in to make room for new developments, next door neighbours are closer now than ever before. As plots are given less space it’s far easier for prying eyes to see across your garden. To get round the problem you could of course put up a large fence or wall, but the issue is that aside from being unsightly, it can also spoil your view as much as it stops others from looking in. So what’s the solution? The answer just might be a privacy screen.

There’s no getting away from the fact that privacy screens are a great way of concealing bare areas of your property where passers-by and/or neighbours can see right into your home. However aside from the obvious benefit of providing privacy, there are other underlying benefits too. Let’s take a closer look.

They’re mobile

Unlike a wall or a fence, privacy screens can be moved around so you can position them just where you want them. They can be used to define or cordon off a specific area (say for dining or relaxing) giving you an extra element to your outdoor space. Because privacy screens aren’t normally cemented into place, positioning them is usually a case of lifting or dragging them into position saving you money and time on labour and installation.

They create a tranquil space

If you live in a relatively noisy area, a privacy screen can help to deflect the noise, creating a tranquil and peaceful area. Now property owners can move about in relative quiet safe in the knowledge that no one is over-looking them. This is why privacy screens are used to define yoga or meditation areas so people can practice in the comfort of their own surroundings, with a lesser amount of noise.

They don’t have to be boring

Unlike a fence or a wall which (let’s face it) isn’t particularly inspiring to look at, privacy screens can really enhance a garden. They can be made using a wide range of woods, metals, and even contemporary products such as polypropylene. Woods for example can be stained using a multitude of colours, metal privacy screens can be powder coated adding colour as well as protection, and polypropylene screening can be made in just about any hue you choose. In addition privacy screens of this nature can be crafted or sculptured into a wide variety of designs and shapes. If you opt for one that’s specially made for example, it might contain decorative scrolling or carving, or it might be an abstract shape. In reality your privacy screen can be as avant guard or as traditional as you’d like it to be, making it a real talking point when friends or family come to visit.

At Metro Steel we can do just about anything with metal, transforming your privacy screen it into something that’s functional, practical, and beautiful. We can follow your designs or alternatively, we can work from your suggestions. For a free, no-obligation quote Give us a call on 07 3204 1000 today.