The Benefits of Installing a Mezzanine Floor In Your Business Premises

Space is a fundamental problem that most successful businesses will run into from time to time. As the business grows then so too might a product range. As such it’s likely that the need for more storage space isn’t going to be too far behind. So what’s the answer? You could of course up sticks and move to a larger location, or alternatively you could extend your existing building to accommodate your growing business. However both are costly and this is working capital that might be otherwise invested back into your business. That said, there is a third option and one that’s way more cost-effective and that’s building a mezzanine floor. With this in mind, here are some of the benefits of installing these functional and portable solutions.

Limited build time and disruption

As already mentioned expanding an existing home, warehouse or office can be a costly occurrence but another problem with either an expansion or a move is the time and disruption it causes. Extensions for example can take a huge amount of time from the planning stage to the execution, and as a result it could be hard for businesses to meet targets and deadlines of their customers when they face a daily barrage of brick rubble and demolition. Conversely a stainless steel mezzanine floor can be fully erected in days rather than months and therefore causes limited disruption to businesses who have them installed.

Proper organisation

A cluttered workspace affects both your business output and the potential productivity of your employees. By installing a mezzanine floor it allows businesses to maximise any empty vertical space to create a split-level storage facility which can then be organised properly to suit the needs of the business. This type of mezzanine installation is fast becoming more and more popular with manufacturing plants, logistics corporations and warehouses who need to make the absolute best use of all available space.

Accelerated earning potential

Being able to store more stock might mean increased production which can equate to greater opportunities to expand revenue. In addition if you have more than sufficient space for your needs you can always look to rent out the excess space to other businesses which will in turn create more income.

Although mezzanine flooring can be made from a wide variety of materials the most popular by far is steel. Here at Metro Steel we’re a fabrication company who make a wide variety of bespoke steel objects including steel mezzanine flooring. If you’re considering having one fitted then why not contact us for a competitive quote on 07 3204 1000. No job is too big or small and our experienced and knowledgeable staff are standing by to help.