Ten Good Reasons For Choosing Hot Dip Galvanisation

Like a selection of other processes such as powder coating, hot dip galvanisation or HDG for short is carried out to prolong the life of the steel product. It’s a process that is over 150 years old and involves immersing the metal into a bath of zinc which is heated to high temperatures (around 460 °C). Once cooled the zinc coating metallurgically bonds to the steel forming a protective layer. With this in mind, here are ten solid reasons why you might choose to hot dip steel.

Prolongs the life of the product

Galvanising steel creates an easy to clean surface which makes for a maintenance-free product lasting up to 50 years. Even when maintenance becomes necessary, there are no complex preparation treatments required, making it a totally hassle-free product.

Competitive costs

HDG is relatively simple, non labour-intensive process that doesn’t involve the use of expensive equipment or materials. For this reason it’s far more economical than when applying a wide selection of other alternative coatings, and therefore these cost savings can be passed directly on to the customer.

Zero maintenance equals lowest lifetime cost

For structures in remote or difficult to access areas, the bonuses of zero maintenance makes HDG particularly appealing, especially in areas where there are safety restrictions, eg. electricity pylons etc.

It’s reliable

The whole process is closely controlled, relatively straight forward, and simple to apply. The exact thickness of the coatings are easy to specify and to measure and therefore the end result is easy to achieve and totally reliable.

Fast application

Where a complicated protection coating system takes a week to finish, the hot dip galvanisation process can be completed in a matter of hours. This makes it perfect for construction projects with tight deadlines.

Toughness of coating

Because the zinc is bonded metallurgically with the steel – in other words one compound merges with another – it makes for a super-tough coating. It has by far the greatest resistance to damage from handling and/or storage. This makes it ideal when steel products are being transported or shipped all over the world.

Provides complete coverage

As the steel is totally immersed in a bath of molten zinc it means that all surfaces are coated. Unlike other methods where awkward corners, narrow gaps and the inside of a product are sometimes thinner where access is more difficult, the hot-dip galvanisation process tends to build up in these places, guaranteeing even coverage and therefore better all-round protection.

3-way protection

the HDG process protects steel in 3 ways. Firstly the coating wears at an incredibly low rate. Secondly the coating corrodes preferrentially providing better protection to any small areas of steel which have been exposed. Finally, the galvanised zinc coating prevents any sideways creep of rust if any smaller surface area is exposed to the elements.

Easy inspection

Because hot dip galvanised steel provides an even coverage, it makes for an easy inspection process. If the coating looks continuous and sound, the metal underneath is good. It’s that simple!

Faster construction

Once the steel has been dipped in the zinc and left to cool, it’s immediately ready for use. Unlike other protective methods no prior preparation such as painting, polishing, or inspection is needed, making it ideal for rush projects.

So there you have it…10 reasons why you should opt for hot dip galvanised steel when looking for that all-round protection.

For further information about the HDG process, or if you have a fabrication project that needs completing contact Metro Steel. We’ve been in the industry for many years and have the skills and the knowledge to execute your plans both quickly and efficiently. Contact us on 07 3204 1000 or come and see us at our Kabi Circuit Fab Shop and put us to the test.

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