Structural Steel Fabrications – Everything You Need To Know

Burj-KhalifaSteel is one of the most malleable building materials known to man and for this reason it’s used in many of the world’s iconic buildings. But just how do you turn pieces of fabricated steel into something as magnificent as the Chrysler Building in New York or the Burj Al Khalifa in Dubai?

The skeleton

The first step is to make a kind of skeletal framework. Consisting of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams they’re positioned in a rectangular grid that helps to support the walls, roof, and floors of the building. This is in effect the foundation of any steel building, including skyscrapers, and therefore calculations have to be spot on.

Making the structure

In order to make the proposed framework fabricators begin cutting the material to exact sizes using a combination of chiselling, cutting, and sawing, or a CNC cutter. Once the metal is cut to size, it’s then bent to shape using a hammer or press break. After the bending process is complete the next stage is to join everything together. This is done using a series of techniques including welding, riveting, or even adhesive binding, and is carried out by both human and automated labour.

Why steel framework?

In essence it’s both durable and cost effective. It’s also relatively quick to erect in the hands of skilled fabricators. There’s no waiting for tons of cement to dry instead it’s assembled like one giant jigsaw. Another important benefit which is often overlooked is that because of it’s strength and flexibility, steel gives designers far greater freedom. This is why steel buildings are popular with architects who can show off their skills to come up with some pretty dramatic shapes.

The outer walls

The good news about stainless steel buildings is that the outer walls need only support their own weight. This gives architects the option to open a building up as much as they want. In stark contrast brick buildings (especially those constructed in the 1940’s and 50’s) needed to contain thick walls at regular intervals to act as a further support mechanism for the concrete foundation. Conversely with stainless steel buildings all the support is being carried down through the building and as such the outer walls can be made of lighter structures such as glass giving those inside an outstanding view of their city.

Here at Metro Steel we can’t promise to knock up a skyscraper in super-quick time but we are skilled in all areas of fabrication. As such we make anything from mezzanine flooring to ornamental gates and even roll cages for cars. If you’ve got a metal project in mind and need an experienced and skilled fabricator, then you know who to call! Contact us today on 07 3204 1000 for further information.