Steel Stairs – 5 Compelling Benefits

steel stairs

Stairs are a crucial element of any home or building for aesthetics and functionality. While choosing the design of your staircase is a fun part of the project, choosing the material also needs careful consideration. Steel stairs are a great choice for a staircase with reasons that go beyond aesthetics and functionality. Steel is immensely versatile with benefits for the environment and the consumer too. Take a look below at just some of the benefits of steel stairs.

Creates a Modern Look

In recent years, trends have leaned towards a sleek minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and steel lends itself perfectly to this. People tend to associate steel with sophisticated applications both in construction and the home. It’s a material that works well with glass, timber and other materials.

Steel also boasts a high strength to weight ratio which makes it a popular choice with forward and more left-field designers and architects. Ideal for creatives too, steel stairs can be coated with all manner of finishes enabling designers to experiment with colours and patterns.

Steel Stairs are Cost-Efficient

Considering the popularity across the board in terms of construction and design, steel remains relatively cheap. In fact, when you take into consideration its versatility, longevity, robustness, and aesthetic appeal, steel is one of the most cost-effective materials on the market.

Raw steel is fairly cheap, and manufacture and fabrication have become less labour-intensive thanks to advances in tools and technology that have taken place within the steel fabrication industry in recent years. Both of these factors serve to reduce building costs plus, of course, there’s the bonus of knowing that steel lasts a lifetime.

Environmental Alternative

The majority of us are more knowledgeable and more concerned with the environment nowadays and understand the impact of tree felling on global warming and the environment. A large wooden staircase requires a lot of fresh timber which can only be sourced by chopping down trees.

Furthermore, wooden staircases are mostly un-recyclable whereas steel, on the other hand, Is one of the most widely recycled materials in the world. It doesn’t take a genius to recognise that steel stairs are an eco-friendly choice.

Seel Stairs are a Reliable Solution

Unlike wood, steel is a non-combustible material. It won’t rot and it doesn’t get invaded by termites, bugs, and other insects. As a choice of building material, it’s as reliable as it gets and requires only minimal maintenance and care. Steel won’t let you down.

Speedy Process

While you may be able to start construction faster with other materials, the process of steel fabrication and structural steel erection is faster than that of any other material. Steel sections come pre-made and can be installed as soon as they have been delivered. 3D technology also enables closer collaboration between designers and fabricators.  This enhances production and speeds up the building process, in turn.  

Steel stairs will last longer, look better, and provide you with more protection than wooden stairs. If you’re considering steel stairs, the experts at Metro Steel can assist you.

We have the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions and ensure you find the best solution for your needs. Contact us today by calling 07 3204 1000.


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