Steel Or Aluminium? What’s The Best Choice For Your New Fencing?

You may be wondering whether to choose steel or aluminum for your fencing or gates, after all both are highly durable materials. However, there are certain pros and cons for each, which make aluminium or steel better suited to certain premises. Let’s take a look.

Steel Fencing and Gates

Steel is a great choice for protective fencing because it is strong, powerful, and long lasting. It’s also heavy which makes it resistant to wind and damage. Typically most steel fencing is galvanised and treated with a powder coating so that it doesn’t rust. Steel also has the ability to resist impacts, making it the perfect choice for security gates. If you’re looking to erect a fence or gate that will last a lifetime, then steel is definitely the way to go.

Another steel option that has become more popular in recent years for fencing purposes is tubular steel bars. These are manufactured with hollow centres which makes a gate lighter but still imparts that tough steel exterior look. For this reason, it’s probably more suited for residential use, or for commercial premises with high traffic.

Steel fencing can be more difficult to install because of its weight than aluminium, which means that it’s less practical for residential use and better suited to industrial premises. It’s also more expensive than aluminium; but if you’re looking to protect expensive material or stock from theft and damage, then it might be worth your while factoring in the additional cost.

Aluminium fencing and gates

Aluminium is lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust, meaning that your fencing and gates will look good for years, even when exposed to the harshest elements. Another benefit of aluminium is that is costs less than steel and in the event that you ever want to replace your aluminium fencing, it’s good to know that it’s 100% recyclable.

On the downside aluminium can be easily bent which means that it’s not as effective for use in industrial or commercial premises which require solid fencing or security barriers. As a result aluminium fencing is best used for its pleasing aesthetics such as a residential perimeter fence, or to enclose your yard or pool. Because of its resistance to corrosion, it’s a great choice for seaside properties too.


Steel and aluminium are both high quality, durable fencing materials but as a rule of thumb steel is considered the best choice for protection, where targeted break ins could occur, whereas aluminium is best to use as a finishing touch to the home. Naturally your budget is an important consideration and although aluminium is less expensive than steel, it still looks pretty appealing visually.

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