Steel Building Construction – What Are The Most Common Types And Why?

Aside from the fact that steel gives strength and durability to a building that no other types of material can, its flexibility means that radical designs can be realised, where it may not have been possible using other products. In addition the demand for environmentally friendly but cost effective builds, plays right into the hands of steel and for this reason and those listed above, steel construction is becoming more and more popular. What you might not know however is that there are many different types of steel; so with this in mind, let’s explore the three most common types used in steel construction and why.

Mild steel

This is arguably the most common type of steel used in construction and also goes by the name of plain carbon steel. Mild steel is immensely flexible and doesn’t crack when bent. It has a plasticity like no other metal or construction material has. As well as being light, mild steel is incredibly strong, so it can withstand many natural forces such as high winds. It can also span many metres without needing reinforcement so it’s ideal as a framework for creating impressive open rooms, or areas with larger spaces, without the need for supporting concrete or steel pillars. Finally plain carbon steel contains around 0.05 -0.25% carbon which makes it great for welding as it remains strong at those weld points.

Re-enforcing steel

Technically known as Rebar Steel its primary use is as a tensioning device to help re-enforce either concrete or masonry. Although created out of carbon steel, it’s designed with specific ridges that allow it to anchor to the concrete as it beds in, giving the whole structure greater support. It’s available in a variety of grades ranging from thin wiring to solid bars all of which are better suited to serve a particular job. In addition, each grade comes in an endless supply of sizes. Like all types of steel it can be recycled without losing any of its properties and this makes it environmentally friendly.

Structural steel

As the name suggests structural steel is designed to be used to form the structure of a construction. It’s strong, durable, and flexible and as such can be morphed into just about any shape. These include I-beams, T-bars, angle beams, open joists, plates, and much more besides. In fact if you take a look closely any any steel construction, you won’t have to look far to find a piece of structural steel. Normally it’s cut to size off-site by a fabricator who is given specific details. The steel pieces are then brought to site and welded together; just like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Once the structural shell is in place, then other materials such as glass can be added to give you the finished construction.

At Metro Steel we mightn’t be able to build skyscrapers but we can supply all the steel parts you need for your construction project. Whether you’re looking for specific pipes, angles beams, plates, joists or bars, we can fabricate and cut them to size. To find out more, contact us on 07 3204 1000 today.

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