Stainless/Galvanised Steel Guttering – Why Choose It?

It’s fair to say that when you look around the majority of constructions contain PVC or vinyl guttering. More often than not, this is because of its low-cost nature and easy installation. For an eye catching finish to a property or building however, you might want to consider using stainless steel or galvanised guttering.

What stainless/galvanised steel guttering lacks in the cost department (and it doesn’t come cheap) it makes up for in striking design, finish, and above all sturdiness. This makes it the ideal component for someone looking to make their property stand out, and is up there with other materials such as aluminium or copper. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the advantages of commissioning steel guttering for your building or property, and indeed some of it’s disadvantages.

First the advantages

Lengthy average life expectancy

The average life expectancy of steel guttering is around the 15-20 year mark. This is similar to good quality vinyl or PVC plastic guttering. While galvanised or stainless steel guttering may be susceptible to dents, it’s resistant to rust and thermal warping so it won’t disintegrate even in inclement weather or drastic weather changes. What’s more it can retain it’s sheen for years. As a result it’s a sensible and practical choice as well as a great aesthetic choice. Talking of aesthetics it brings us neatly on to advantage No.2.

It looks great

You can imagine how sleek chrome or stainless steel looks on a vehicle or a piece of furniture, well stainless steel guttering has the ability to really accentuate the look and design of your home. Yes it’s practical, but that doesn’t mean that practical has to be boring, and you certainly couldn’t accuse stainless steel guttering of that. While vinyl guttering is easier to assemble, it comes in standardised off-the-peg sizes, so every property or building will have the same fit and design. On the contrary, stainless steel guttering is often made bespoke, so in essence you can have any design, style, or shape you want. If you prefer it can even be one long seamless part for that contemporary look. While PVC guttering gives you reliable same-old, same-old, stainless steel guttering gives you that all important kerb appeal.

So are there any disadvantages?

Well mainly the cost. Similarly to copper guttering, stainless steel or galvanised guttering are seen as a high-end elegant option which can be off-limits to many homeowners or construction companies. That said, you could argue that cheapest isn’t always the best and if you want to achieve that perfect flawless design look, then vinyl plastic guttering just won’t cut it.

Here at Metro Steel we fabricate all things steel. Whether this is parts for your machinery, ornamental gates or fencing, or practical items like stainless steel guttering, we’ve got it covered. Why not contact us today on 07 3204 1000 for a free, no obligation quote. We guarantee you won’t

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