Stainless Steel in Commercial Kitchens – Top Benefits

stainless steel kitchens

Many homeowners choose stainless steel kitchens for its sleek gleaming looks. Stainless steel sinks, counters, and cabinets can look simply stunning in a modern home. Stainless steel is also widely used in commercial kitchens and there’s a good reason for that ….  several reasons, in fact.

  • It can withstand high temperatures
  • It’s highly durable
  • It’s hygienic and safe for food preparation

Stainless steel offers protection against corrosion and stains. It’s also durable, fireproof and easy to maintain because there’s no need for harsh cleaners to achieve its shiny good looks.

Another reason for stainless steel in kitchens is that it’s non-porous and easy to clean. In a restaurant environment, this is essential. Its resistance to corrosion makes it the perfect for choice for environments such as kitchens that are prone to moisture.

Stainless steel kitchens – low maintenance

The great thing about stainless steel is that it requires little maintenance and can withstand impact. Surface scratches are hard to avoid but even these can be removed with metal cleaners and a soft rag. That said, a brushed steel finish will help conceal scratches and a higher grade of steel will be more scratch-resistant.

Examples of stainless steel use in commercial kitchens include:

  • Stainless steel cabinets
  • Prep counters and tables
  • Buffet and kitchen lines
  • Hand washing and dishwashing sinks
  • Storage containers and bins

Improves kitchen efficiency

Stainless steel preparation counters are an important element of a commercial kitchen. Because they are anti-bacterial they enable staff to prep a variety of meat and fish and avoid cross-contamination.

A hygienic choice

Regulations require for hand-washing stations in commercial kitchens and stainless steel sinks fit these criteria well. They can be designed to be small enough that staff aren’t tempted to use them for anything other than handwashing whereas stainless steel sinks for dishwashing can easily be designed to accommodate large bulky dishes with ease.

Stainless steel equipment to store and serve food

Buffets and carveries are popular trends but do pose potential health risks. Cross-contamination and food spoilage can be reduced with stainless steel buffet lines. They also retain food temperatures and are easy to clean.

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