Safety Tips To Be Aware Of When Cutting Metal

Cutting steel can be a dangerous task so it’s important that you know how to do your job safely.

Before we discuss safety practices, let’s take a look at the injuries which can occur if proper safety measures aren’t put in place.

Injuries from using hand tools – A variety of hand tools are used In metal fabrication to give those all-important finishing touches. There are several reasons why injury may occur from hand tool usage including poor maintenance of tools, excessive use of tools, not using the right tools for the project, and a work area that’s been badly designed for its purpose. For example, if there isn’t enough ventilation in the work area, a worker could be exposed to carbon monoxide and toxic substances. In addition, using a welding machine for long periods at a time can cause musculoskeletal pain.

Injuries from poor barriers – Areas where metal fabrications projects are carried often require safety barriers, rails, and bollards to avoid injuries. Failure to implement this effectively is one of the main reasons for injury. For example, various types of guarding mechanisms should be in place to prevent a worker from getting their fingers trapped in machinery. If these barriers aren’t properly installed there’s a chance of the worker losing a finger or hand.

Safety Tips To Be Aware Of When Fabricating Metal Components/Instruments

  • Proper training – This is one of the first things that should take place in any metal fabrication project. Employees should be given a detailed training session regarding occupational hazards, equipment, and working conditions. A discussion should also take place about the correct safety protocols to avoid accidents.

  • Tool inspection – Before commencing any project any tools to be used should be inspected to ensure they’re in good condition and there are no malfunctions. It’s vital that shears, for example, aren’t blunt if a worker is going to need to cut with them.

  • Tool usage – When using presses or hand tools it’s essential that the right amount of security is maintained. Manufacturers generally fit large machinery and presses with a variety of safety guards and other safety features and it’s important that everyone is aware of such features and use them regularly.

  • Handling products – This relates to handling tools, raw materials, and the finishing product. It’s important to use the right equipment to transport bulky or heavy products injuries to workers and/or damage to products.

  • Protective clothing and equipment – Any person handling metal fabrication tools should be supplied with safety gear. At all times they should be wearing hard hats, safety shoes, goggles, and gloves. Take care to ensure that your back and neck are supported at all times when handling or working on any product. A back injury could give you a lot of pain and prevent you from working.

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful. At Metro Steel, we adhere strictly to Australian OSH regulations and have the experience and expertise to design and fabricate steel parts for all of your projects. Why not give us a call on (07) 3204 1000 to discuss your steel fabrication needs.

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