Metal Fabrication – The Diversities Explained

sheet metal fabricationThe term ‘metal fabrication’ is undoubtedly broad and covers a multitude of areas. These range from standardised sheet metal fabrication used in construction and building projects, through to machined parts and bespoke fabrication projects for a specific ‘one off’ job. As you can imagine, as a metal fabrication and processing company the requests we receive for jobs are both interesting and diverse. In fact we’ve also manufactured parts for medical devices, industrial compressors, and even military hardware.

So where does the process start?

Once a project has been agreed, then we’ll begin the planning stages. Most metal fabrication companies are highly skilled at working from detailed plans. Here at Metro Steel we can either work from your own plans, or you can simply give us an idea and we’ll draw the plans for you. Once plans are agreed and signed off then we can make a start.

Firstly we make sure that the correct amount of materials are ordered and then we look at programming any automated milling machines needed to carry out the project. Any raw material such as plate, preformed, and/or expanded metals will then need to be cut to size. This is carried out with specialist band saws or cutting torches. If round sections such as pipework need to be manufactured, then tube bending and rolling machines can also be used.

Other processes involved

Many metal fabricators deal with a multitude of processes on a daily basis while others are skilled in certain aspects. These include, forging, welding, casting, brazing, shearing, drawing, spinning and punching. Some fabricators also deal in specialised hydraulic and electrical services too.

The final processes

When all the parts have been made, pressed and cut out, all the relevant components are welded together just like a giant metal jigsaw. After welding, the finished parts or items are cooled and then depending upon the client’s needs, treated. This could mean sandblasting, painting, or powder coating. In addition, if it’s a precision machine that needs testing, then we also carry this out and will make any adjustments necessary to make sure that it runs perfectly. Finally when it’s good to go we’ll ship the finished, part, component or product out.

As you can see, metal fabrication is a diverse business but something that’s all in a day’s work for Metro Steel. If you have a particular fabrication project in mind and need a trusted company to deliver a speedy turnaround then why not drop us a line on 07 3204 1000 for a free, no-obligation quote. Alternatively, if you’re in the Deception Bay area of Queensland, then pop in to our fabrication shop and meet our friendly but experienced team for a chat.