Metal Fabrication – 3 Reasons Not to Accept the Cheapest Quote

reasons not to accept low metal fabrication quote

It’s only natural to shop around when you’re looking for a company to handle your next metal fabrication project. While we totally understand that it can be tempting to choose the cheapest quote to try and save money, usually it’s best to play safe with a quote that’s somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for low quotes, especially when there’s a significant difference compared to other quotes, to land you in deep water and cost more money in the long run.

Here are 3 top reasons to avoid settling for the cheapest metal fabrication quote.

  1. All fabrication companies are not the same – One of the common mistakes people make is assuming that all metal fabrication companies are the same. If this was the case, then the cheapest quote would obviously be the best one to choose. However, metal fabricators have different levels of experience and different qualifications. Companies also have different scales of operation which quite often affects the speed at which your project is completed. It’s important to choose a metal fabrication company that has enough experience and capacity to get your job done right and on time
  2. Why the quote is low – A low bid is always appealing because we all like to save money. However, you need to know why the quote is so low. In certain cases it may be that the company has omitted to quote for certain items. A less experienced fabricator may also misunderstand the complexity of your job. Another concerning reason for a low quote, is that the company doesn’t value good craftmanship and is not paying their employees the going rate.
  3. Hidden costs of a low quote – As well as the questionable reasons for the company quoting a low price, you’re likely to encounter hidden costs. One of the largest costs of a low-priced metal fabrication project is poor workmanship that results in your project not looking as good as it should. You could end up with a project that simply doesn’t work and fails just after the warranty has elapsed. Another hidden cost of a low bid could be wasted time. Whether this is due to inexperienced workers not getting up to speed or poor time management. Either way, a low bid can end up costing you more.

Although you might be tempted by a low metal fabrication quote, we advise you to think long and hard before accepting it. If you’re looking for quality work then you need a quality company – simple!

That said, you should never pay over the odds for a service but equally you shouldn’t settle for sub-standard work just because you want to save a few bucks.

It’s crucial to carry out some research when choosing a metal fabrication company since not all companies have the experience or qualifications to complete the same high quality of work. Metro Steel has decades of experience and skills right across the board consistently delivering quality products and workmanship at a realistic but fair price.

Why not get in touch with the experts at Metro Steel by calling on 07 3204 1000 to discuss how we can help with your metal fabrication project.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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