Exploring The Real Benefits Of Steel Fencing

decorative steel fencingIf you’re thinking twice about installing a steel fence on your property consider this. There are few materials that best provide both the security you need and the aesthetic beauty you desire than steel. The fact is that a skilled metal fabricator can fashion a steel fence into just about any type of design and as a result they can be some of the most beautiful forms of fencing on the market. This makes it the perfect material for those looking to ‘ramp up’ their security without loosing the aesthetic look of their property. Aside from this, steel fencing has a great many other benefits over their counterparts too.


When most people think of steel fencing it probably portrays images of hulking great panels of grey steel that looks ugly. While this might be good for construction sites, scrap yards and industrial premises, when it comes to houses then steel fencing can be more refined, decorative and ornate. As such not only does it add that all important curb appeal to your property, it also adds a touch of sophistication too.


The right steel fence stands the test of time. It’s incredibly durable and as such has the ability to outlast any of its wooden counterparts. In fact once it’s secured into place it’s pretty much rock solid.

Design flexibility

When you go to any DIY store or specialist fencing place and buy wood fence panels, it’s true that you do have a choice. However that choice is somewhat limited by the type of wood and the patternation. Conversely when you opt for a steel fence, then when it comes to design, the world’s your oyster. You can decide to go with ready made designs (and there are hundreds to choose from) or if you want something really bespoke, then you can even get your own design made. Flexibility is definitely the key with steel fencing.

Low maintenance

Steel fencing might be more expensive to install but unlike wood fencing, once it’s erected it requires very little maintenance. Okay, so it might need the occasional paint up from time to time, but that’s about it. There’s no applying special treatments or varnishes, instead most steel fencing will happily sit out in all weathers looking great and what’s more it won’t rust.

Adding value

Perhaps one of the most impressive criteria about steel fencing is that it can add value to any property. In addition because it’s incredibly strong and durable it may also help to lower your insurance premiums and that has to be a win/win situation all round.

If you’re looking to have steel fencing installed on your property and would like a company to make it for you, then why not speak to Metro Steel. Our skilled fabricators have the expertise to fashion any kind of design so why not give us a call on 07 3204 1000 and let us show you exactly what we can do.