Exploring The Benefits of Powder Coating

power coatingHere at Metro Steel we understand the importance of having great looking steel work that can withstand the harsh Australian climate. As such one of the ways that we can preserve steel and other metals is by powder coating. Already found on thousands of products from machinery and tools through to your common or garden kitchen coffee machine or food processor, powder coating is commonly used, what are it’s main benefits? Let’s take a closer look.

It’s environmentally friendly

Liquid finishes such as paint or varnish contain solvents are themselves made up of a series of pollutants or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). When the product is applied the VOC’s are released into the atmosphere. Powder coating on the other hand is a dry substance containing no solvents. As such they project little or no VOC’s into the atmosphere. In addition any unused or over-sprayed powder can easily be gathered up and reused therefore causing minimal waste. Altogether this makes it a better eco-friendly product all round.


It’s cheaper for companies

Because it’s eco-friendly companies don’t have to spend vast quantities of money on pollution control equipment which is otherwise needed for manufacturers applying any type of liquid finish.

Better looks and longer lasting

Powder coating steel gives it a great finish and comes in a multitude of colours. As such it’s often used on a wide range of commercial and domestic furniture such as tables and chairs as well as electrical goods including computers, washing machines and fridges. It gives a stylish look that can totally match your décor and one that you just wouldn’t get with a liquid finish.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is that powder coating is deemed far more durable than any form of liquid finish. The dry powder is applied using electrostatics. The powder is blasted with electrodes causing it to bond together and harden, forming a tough external skin. Because of it’s durability it offers greater protection from the sun. As such it’s perfect for applying to security doors, window frames and any outside metal work that otherwise might be exposed to the elements.

So it’s eco-friendly, cheaper for companies to use, is more durable and looks better than any type of liquid finish. That’s quite an impressive list and a great reason why you might want to opt to get your metal fencing, doors, gates stairs or window frames powder coated.

At Metro Steel we’re adept at fabricating bespoke products, so if you’re in need of a decorative gate, fencing, steps or even a mezzanine floor, then no problem! We can work to your exacting specifications. What’s more, we can powder coat it in a colour of your choice. Give us a call today on 07 3204 1000 for a seriously competitive quote and put your project in safe hands.