Everything You Need To Know About Structural Steel

steel frame structuresIf there’s one type of steel that’s arguably used more than any other it’s structural steel. As the name suggests it’s a category of steel used mainly in the construction industry. Although used for a wide variety of building purposes, it’s mainly utilised in a mid 20th century technique known as steel framing. This building technique forms an initial skeleton of vertical steel columns and horizontal i-Beams to which floors walls and roofing are then attached.

The idea behind the making of structural steel is that it’s formed with a specific cross-section such as those found in beams, posts, channels, and plates, to allow for correct chemical composition and also to aid mechanical properties. In essence it’s strong enough to support the rigours and demands of other building materials, such as concrete, without suffering from stress fractures or buckling.

Let’s take a closer look at why designers choose to work with structural steel…

Most structural steel is purchased ‘off the peg’ in standardised lengths, shapes, and designs. This means that whether you need a steel i-Beam (lintel) or a hollow structural section (HSS) it doesn’t usually need to be fabricated to order, therefore it shouldn’t normally impact on any building schedule. In addition, while other materials may be ready sooner, such as concrete or bricks, the rapid erection cycle of steel framework means that most of the structural work is completed sooner, allowing other trades to carry on with their part of the build sooner. Lower costs for structural steel vs other types of foundation means that buildings or structures can also be finished to a high standard cheaply.

Unlike concrete, stainless steel has an inherent beauty about it and as such many architects and designers are more than happy to expose it, or make it a central point in their design, rather than cover it up. In addition, because of it’s strength, structural steel allows you to have longer expanses of column-free space which plays into the hands of the designers who are out to push boundaries in order to create something truly inspiring. In addition structural steel can also be rolled to create non-linear structures for that ultimate wow factor.

Because structural steel maintains a balance of flexibility coupled with high strength it presents endless opportunities for designers who are looking to create that ultimate building using freedom of expression.

As you can see, structural steel is an incredibly popular material and not without good reason. if you have a building project and require fabricated structural steel, then you should talk to Metro Steel. At our Deception Bay fabrication shop we’ve been serving homes and businesses with structural steel components for many years, so we have the experience to give you whatever you need. To find out more either call in or contact us directly on 07 3204 1000 and let us show you what we can do for you.