Discovering 3 Key Advantages Of A Steel Staircase

stainless steel staircaseWhen designing a home that needs stairs, it’s fair to say many people will immediately think of click here wood as the only contender. However if you’re looking for something incredibly long-lasting, low maintenance and bespoke, then you might want to consider stainless steel.

The truth is stainless steel staircases don’t have to be the domain of grand houses or outside spaces they’re also perfect for indoor use as well. Unlike wood, stainless steel can be fabricated in just about any design imaginable and curve around just about any space, so it’s flexible in the extreme. However, aside from this, there are also many other benefits of having your very own bespoke staircase. Let’s take a look.

Simple installation means reduced costs

As already stated metal (particularly stainless steel) is an incredibly flexible material. This means that it can easy be constructed off-location and simply slotted into place both quickly and efficiently when on-site. This simple installation process means no need for lengthy on-site builds, reducing labour and installation costs all round.

Great for smaller spaces

Metal spiral metal staircases are ideal for fitting into smaller spaces where you simply don’t have the room for a longer rise and are therefore a super option for smaller properties. In addition they add an element of quirkiness which you just wouldn’t get with a standard wooden staircase.

Low maintenance

Stainless steel staircases are pretty much low or zero maintenance. They’re tough and durable enough to withstand harsh outside conditions and when used indoors they require little or no treatment. This means no staining, treating, or sealing every year to keep them in tip top condition. Instead just a coat of metal paint (if you wish) is all it takes to give your staircase and indeed property that all-important wow factor. A stainless steel staircase won’t rust, crack or fade and what’s more, you can paint them in pretty much any colour you like, so if you want you can let your imagination run wild and really explore your creative inner demon.

If you’re thinking about a metal staircase for your property, business, or development then why not contact Metro Steel. We’ve been in the steel fabrication industry for many years and pride ourselves on bespoke products with a quick turn around time. Whatever design or style you have in mind, let our experienced fabricators turn your ideas into a reality. Call us today on 07 3204 1000 for a seriously competitive quote.