Discover The Different Types of Custom Structural Steel Stairs

Steel is incredibly versatile and is used in a number of different places. Steel stairs, for example are widely used in industrial structures for various reasons. However, we’re being called upon ever more regularly to fabricate and design steel stairs in residential and commercial places. Why? It’s because steel can be easily customised into different shapes and designs, meaning that it’s a great way of creating a focal point of interest that can be completely unique.

Custom steel stairs and railings can be designed in many different ways to improve the aesthetics and value of a property. The main reasons for using customised steel stairs in industrial, residential, and commercial spaces are its durability, reliability, and ease with which it can be constructed. Naturally only professional fabricators can work with this material as they know just how to fabricate it. Steel is also a material which is easily recyclable, making it the preferred choice for many different uses, with steel stairs being one of them.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at the different types of stainless steel chairs that can be used in the home and industrial areas:

Straight stairs

These are the simplest form of stairs having, as their name suggests, a straight design structure. They’re easy to install because of their lack of complexity. However, they can still be customised to look more attractive and yet retain their simple structure and ease of installation. We use the latest tools and CNC equipment to reduce their construction time without compromising on quality.

Spiral stairs

These types of stairs are typically used in areas where space is limited or in compact buildings where you want to use as little of the space as possible. The style of these stairs also adds a certain wow factor to a room and serves as a style feature. Sometimes mistaken for curved stairs, although they follow the same helical arc, the stairs are normally more compact with treads that encircle a central pole.

Curved stairs

From a distance curved stairs appear to look like normal straight stairs. However, on closer inspection you’ll see that they are far more elegant. In addition the versatility of these stairs means they will fit into virtually any design aesthetic while their large treads make it easier for people to climb them.

U-shaped stairs

This type of stair is also referred to as switchback or half turn stairs. They’re made up of two straight stairs paralleled by a landing, with a 1800 turn. They’re very easy to construct since the design is simple as it has straight stairs. Typically they’re found in commercial and tall residential buildings.

If you’re considering the stairs for your next property then steel stairs as you can see make a very good choice because steel is recyclable and affordable in terms of stairs and railings. At Metro Steel we fabricate steel to make a wide range of steel products so why not come and talk to us about your proposed steel staircase. Explain your design ideas and we can bring them to life. Call us on

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