Create Some Privacy In Your Garden With A Decorative Metal Screen

metal screen panelsWe all like to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors especially when the sun is shining and the only sound is that of birds twittering in the trees and bees humming amongst the flowers. It’s good to think of the garden as an additional room and to make it as relaxing and attractive as possible and this often means screening off any unsightly areas such as a water tank or enclosing areas such as pools to safeguard children.

Decorative and functional

One of our best selling products is the humble metal screen, which can be used for a variety of screening and fencing solutions. Metal is a fantastic material for a screen in the garden because it adds texture and interest and can be made out of various metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised, or even powder coated steel. Not only that, it can be cut to patterns which are contemporary or based on cultural ideas from around the world, thus becoming an integral piece of artwork as well as a functional item. Laser cutting allows for sophisticated patterns of any design to be cut into the metal and we can of course do hand-cut designs, but naturally they would come with a much higher price tag.

Metal screens are popular with designers for landscaping and can be used to soften an ugly view or installed as a free standing decorative feature. They can also be mounted onto walls to give a signature touch to your Brisbane Garden which really makes it stand out from the crowd. Also useful as barriers or fencing, perhaps to divide different areas of the garden or to screen off pools, metal screens can be easily installed with posts secured into the ground.


As well as being an efficient means of privacy, our metal screens are also commonly used as artwork and we can make them from resilient steel. This type of steel improves as it ages and will gently weather to give a rusty appearance that adds warmth and character to any garden but does not need painting and won’t degenerate. Does this excite you as a good choice for your outdoor space

When laser cut with your choice of pattern these stunning screens can be used in all areas of the garden such as for fencing infill panels, extra shade for a pergola, feature light box, positioned around al-fresco dining areas and so much more.

Get creative

It’s also possible to get more creative and add lighting effects from either the front or back of the screens using low voltage garden lights. Smaller screens could also be incorporated into a water feature.

If you’re interested in metal screens for your home then why not call Metro Steel on 07 3204 1000 to discuss your ideas and to see how we can help you. With a little imagination almost anything is possible.





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