Could You Benefit From A Steel Mezzanine Floor?

steel mezzanine floorOne of the services we provide our customers is supplying mezzanine floors and the feedback we receive is that people can’t imagine how they ever managed before. For many years businesses with cramped storage space or insufficient office space have been solving the problem with a mezzanine floor. When you consider how easy and cost efficient a mezzanine floor is opposed to searching for larger premises, then it’s not hard to understand why. Perhaps a mezzanine floor is something you could benefit from too?

The main benefits of a mezzanine floor are the speed at which one can be erected together with an affordable one off cost. A steel mezzanine floor can potentially give you double the space in your existing industrial, office, or retail unit without you incurring double the cost in rates.

We install a variety of mezzanine floors for our clients which all offer different solutions to their differing issues, with the main requirements being:

Maximise the shop floor

Increase retail space, increasing display space and adding value to the property. It also gives a retailer the potential to offer a wider range of products to enhance their shopper’s experience.

Increase storage and production

Clients often choose this type of mezzanine when literally they’re grown out of their space and it no longer meets their requirements. By expanding their space with a mezzanine floor they can avoid

the cost and inconvenience of moving to a new premises, and double their production and storage in a very short time and with the minimum of disruption.

Add an office area

A mezzanine floor is the perfect way to add a new office space, whether it be above an existing office area or above a manufacturing space and is much cheaper and less hassle than a ‘block and beam’ solution.

If you need more convincing then how’s this:

  • Cost efficient solution to achieving more space
  • Light weight steel structure
  • Can easily be taken down and moved in a re-location at a later date
  • Offers excellent fire protection
  • Seamless integration within existing environment
  • Avoids relocation costs by using existing space
  • More potential storage space
  • Bespoke design tailored to customer’s requirements
  • Flexible option which has many uses
  • Constructed quickly with minimum disruption
  • Able to be powder coated to match existing décor

If you feel a mezzanine floor could benefit you, then why not contact the team at Metro Steel by dialling 07 3204 1000 or come and find us at Deception Bay, Queensland to discuss your ideas. If you need a trusted company with a speedy turnover, then we’re the company for you.