What Are The Benefits Of Hot Dip Galvanising?

Galvanising is a method of protecting fabricated steel from corrosion by dipping it into a vat containing molten zinc at a temperature of around 460°C. It then reacts with carbon dioxide to form what is known as zinc carbonate which protects the steel from the elements. It’s a method that has been in existence since 1742 and because of its relative simplicity, it has a distinct advantage over other corrosive protection methods.

Galvanisation offers a perfect solution to those looking for steel which will last longer and can be easily inspected and maintained. So let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that it offers:


Steel that has been coated with zinc carbonate can last for more than 50 years and protects it constantly against elements which could cause it to rust, particularly in the harsh Australian climate.

Keenly priced

Generally speaking the initial coat of galvanisation is lower than other specified corrosion protective coatings for steel and because of its longevity, is a cost effective method of protection against rusting.

Less maintenance

Hot dip coatings are thick and self maintaining and because they will last longer than other options, it means that the cost of maintaining the steel items is considerably lower too.


With an Australian Standard AS4680:2006 in place hot dip steel galvanising coatings have to at least meet this minimum thickness which means that customers can be assured of a performance that is both predictable and reliable.

More tough

Not only are AS4680 coatings typically thicker but they are totally different from any other steel coating option in that they bond metallurgically with the steel. This gives the treated steel products superior resistance to any sort of physical damage.

Complete protection all over

The beauty of hot dipping is that every single part of the fabrication is coated so even the hardest to reach parts and sharp edges are covered. This level of protection just can’t be matched by any other form of corrosion protective coating.

Damaged areas are automatically protected

Steel is protected against corrosion by using a metal that is more reactive (sacrificial protection) which, unlike any other coatings, means that small areas of damage do not need to be touched up.

Faster installation

When you receive a steel product which we have galvanised, it’s ready to use right away. There’s no waiting for an on-site inspection or preparation, you can simply move forward with the next stage of construction.

Easily inspected

Galvanised coatings can be easily inspected just by casting an eye over them. If everything looks sound and in good order, then you can be sure it is.

Fast application

Hot dip steel galvanising isn’t dependent on the weather and we can offer a quick turn around time in most cases.

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