7 Reasons Why Steel Is The Best Material For Stairs

stainless steel staircaseThere are many different choices of materials when it comes to constructing the best staircases including wood, concrete, and even toughened perspex, but one of the most used and not without good reason is steel. Here are 7 solid reasons why steel works.


Steel makes for a light alloy that’s only a fraction less tensile strength than titanium (the stuff they use of rockets and racing cars) but at around the tenth of the cost. For this reason it’s extensively used in the building sector, being utilised in such constructions as framework and architectural features to (yes you’ve guessed it) staircases.


Believe it or not steel although incredibly strong can also be moulded and reconfigured to just about any shape. This is why it’s the perfect material for spiral or bespoke staircases with intricate designs.


One of the major benefits of steel is that it’s anti-corrosive. This means that steel used for general purposes such as staircases is treated so that it won’t rust. Ultimately it’s ideal for outdoor use and can easily be kept clean by simple mopping.


In addition to being anti-corrosive, unlike wood or perspex per se, steel won’t crack, warp, or fade. Also unlike wood it can’t be impacted by infestations such as termites. In addition steel can be treated or powder coated to withstand the rigours of the Australian climate, so once constructed, it’s built to last.

Low maintenance

Steel staircases require next to no maintenance to keep them looking as good as new. Unlike wood which needs frequent staining or varnishing, steel comes ready treated and/or powder coated in a huge variety of shades. Once treated it’s designed to remain in tip top condition for many years without you having to do anything to it. That’s the beauty of steel.

Easy to install

One of the major benefits of stainless steel staircases is that the relevant pieces can be made in advance and simply put together in situ just like a giant jigsaw. This means that larger designs can be transported and installed both quickly and efficiently.


Because steel is anti-corrosive and incredibly strong there’s far less chance of material decay. Ultimately when it comes to safety, accompanying steel railings aren’t likely to become loose or to split, making it ideal for areas with large amounts of customer use.

So there you have it, inexpensive, durable, and with total design flexibility, it’s easy to see why steel is becoming more and more popular as the material of choice for stairs.

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