5 Things You Might Not Know About Steel Doors

Steel doors are becoming more and more popular with home owners because they offer increased protection at an affordable price. However if you’re still put off by the thought of having a heavy 24 gauge steel contraption as the entrance to your home, here are 5 interesting things that might persuade you to think otherwise.

Adds a unique visual impact

Modern-day steel doors can really add visual impact. They can be painted in just about any colour so if you want a bright red, deep blue, or sunburst yellow door then no problem. They can even be made to look just like wood – grain effect and all – so unless you’re up close and personal, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

They last a lifetime

Of course, a steel entry door offers greater security over hollow and wooden-core doors because they can’t be kicked or bashed in and are extremely hard to bend, even using tools such as a crowbar. However in addition, most are made from galvanised steel meaning that they’re coated in zinc. This means they’re resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratching. As a result when you invest in a steel door, they can and do last for many years.

Residential steel doors are energy efficient

You may be surprised to learn that steel doors designed for domestic purposes aren’t normally made from solid steel. These are usually reserved for marine or military installations and are usually way too heavy for residential use. Instead steel doors designed for the domestic market contain an outer steel shell which is approximately quarter of an inch thick. This covers either a hard foam or wood core. The advantages of this aside from being lighter are that they prevent heat transfer, making them energy efficient.

They’re fully customisable

Steel security doors are fully customisable. A good fabricator can make a steel door to just about any size or design you like. Whether you want something plain or ornate then no problem! They can be made to fit toughened glass, or to contain decorative grates or bars, and can be made and primed ready for painting. In other words if you have the imagination, your steel security door can be as unique as you want to give your property real kerb appeal.

They’re dual aspect

Finally, although you might want passers-by to see the look and strength of your steel front door from the outside, you mightn’t necessarily want that same view from the inside of your property. This is why you can also buy dual aspect steel doors that are steel coated on the outside but faced with oak or hardwood mouldings on the inside. Combination doors provide a warmer inner aspect that blends in better with the rest of your home while providing the protection and security you need.

You can buy a wide range of off-the-peg steel doors from a variety of manufactures, but if you want a door that is unique, bespoke, and that delivers real kerb appeal, then you might consider talking to a steel fabricator. Here at Metro Steel we’re highly experienced at turning raw steel into beautiful bespoke products so why not give us a call on 07 3204 1000 and let us turn your idea into a reality.

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