5 Reasons To Choose A Steel Staircase Over Concrete

A beautifully made, well constructed steel staircase is a fabulous addition to any property be it residential, commercial, or industrial. Moreover it has a number of benefits over other materials extending from durability to versatiity and sustainability.

When you decide to choose steel for your staircase instead of concrete, you’ll find that the benefits are numerous. Let’s dive in and take a look.

1. Modern aesthetics

Trends in architecture and construction over the last half century have seen steel becoming more popular than ever. When it comes to a residential build, steel is a far better choice than concrete. Why? Because it’s modern and sophisticated and lets more light in than concrete.

Steel is also an extremely versatile and flexible material that has an impressive strength to weight ratio. This automatically lends itself to trendy, modern staircase designs and ultimately it makes the perfect material of choice for forward thinking, creative designers and architects.

2. Strong and reliable

Steel is known for its high tensile strengh. Because it’s made from both iron and carbon which together create an extremely strong material, the chances of dislocation at an atomic level, are greatly reduced. When it comes to building materials, you don’t get much stronger than steel and the good news is that it requires very little maintenance.

Concrete, on the other hand, is made from a mixture of sand, cement, gravel, and water which, while boasting a fairly high compressive strength, is lacking the tensile strength of steel. Concrete also requires reinforcing with a steel bar in order to increase a structure’s ductility, elasticity, and tensile strengh.

3. Saves time

Before casting concrete stairs, builders have to spend a lot of time shuttering and reinforcing whereas steel stairs are constructed off-site and when delivered to the site they’re ready to be used right away.

4. Sustainability

Steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials with as much as 90% of it getting recycled. It’s also 100% recyclable. Moreover, steel can be used time and time again with little, if any, compromise to its structural integrity. In other words, structural steel manufacturing barely impacts the environment.

5. Cost

When you consider the long term benefits of steel, its sturdiness and reliability, it’s a relatively inexpensive material to use. You can actually save yourself a lot of money when you build a steel staircase since steel manufacture itself isn’t cost intensive and because it takes less time to build with steel than other materials, such as concrete, you’ll also save money on labour costs. Steel will also last you a lifetime and add value to your business or home, should you ever want to sell it.

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