5 Major Advantages Of Building With Steel

Steel buildingLet’s face it, you probably don’t have to walk very far to find a steel building or construction. Maybe it’s your house or office? The truth is that over the last 20 or 30 years or so, steel has become the building material of choice to the point where nowadays, some of the structures and buildings are truly ground breaking. So why do more and more architects, designers and builders choose to work with steel. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages.

Design freedom

We’ve already mentioned that some of the most striking structures and buildings are made from steel and this is because it offers architects far more design freedom. The colour, shape and texture can all be altered, and if you couple this with durability and an ease of malleability making precision effortless, you can see why designers love to work with this material.

It’s a fast and efficient resource

Steel can be made and cut quickly and as it’s treated, can be assembled in any season. Using a good fabrication service, components can easily be made to exacting measurements off-site, and with minimal labour can be assembled on-site far quicker than if the designer was working with other materials. Often for single dwellings, if steel is utilised innovatively, then less points of contact have to be buried deep in the earth. This then equates less time spent on excavation. In addition, the lighter weight of steel compared to that of say… concrete means that it usually requires smaller and simpler foundations making it efficient too

Adaptable and easily accessible

In these days people prefer buildings to be as flexible as possible to match their needs. Buildings fashioned from steel give them that all important ‘adaptability’ factor. Steel framing and floor systems allow easy access for alterations. Non-composite steel beams are easily made; composite, strengthening plates can be added to existing steel beams; and girders can easily be reinforced. Rewiring or re-cabling can also easily be carried out without too much hassle. Altogether this adds up to one amazing accessible and adaptable structure.

Endlessly recyclability

One of the best qualities about steel is that it can be endlessly recycled without any detrimental effect to it whatsoever. Already around 94% of the steel construction components are in fact re-used. This saves on the use of natural raw resources, bringing down the price and ultimately providing a cheaper commodity.

Less material yet more usable space

Building with steel has the ability to maximise space and internal width. Steel beam depths for instance are around half of what a timber beam would be and steel sheets or trussed/lattice work provide a cost-effective yet elegant way of spanning large areas of up to 150 metres. That’s without adding further supporting columns. This means that ultimately, larger expanses of inside area can be achieved using the exact same exterior space constructions.

As you can see the benefits of steel knows no bounds so if you’re after quality steel products, be it metal sheeting, mezzanine flooring or any other type of steel structure then contact Metro Steel. As a Brisbane based steel fabrication company we specialise in fast turn-around, bespoke steel products made to order. Why not contact us on 07 3204 1000 today for a competitive quote.