5 Key Questions To Ask Your Steel Fabricator Before Choosing The Ideal Supplier

While cost is an important factor when considering the right steel fabricator to take on your project, it shouldn’t always be the only consideration. Instead, there are other key factors that come into play such as their capabilities, their overall experience, and how they communicate. All of these things can make a difference between a successful project and one that’s likely to run into problems at some point down the line.

With this in mind, here are some key questions you might want to ask to ensure you end up with the right fabricator.

How Do You Navigate A Project?

As already mentioned, good communication is key because quite simply, it prevents a great deal of confusion and stress. A lack of communication can bring about delays, errors, and in some cases a lack of creativity.

Therefore when you meet a fabricator for the first time you should discuss the following:

  • What it is you’re trying to achieve

  • Deadlines and timescales for completion

  • Estimated budget

  • Weight and strength of the finished product

Once this information has been shared, it’s good to ask them how they propose to complete the project? If they deliver a sound answer with all those points taken into consideration, then you know you could well have a company you can work with.

What experience do you have?

Clearly, experience is key but more importantly, what experience do they have with your particular project? Inexperience in most cases is the main cause of project delays, shoddy workmanship, and/or, a blown budget, so direct experience most definitely counts. As a top tip, ask if they can provide project references. An experienced company should be able to provide these easily.

Where are you based?

Okay, so this isn’t so important if you live locally anyway, but if you’re searching online or interstate for example, a fabricator that has a fab shop nearby may well be easier all round. A central location could mean less fuel costs, especially if there are frequent discussions or visits needed to check the project’s progress. It may also mean that the fab shop is closer to your customers and/or your facility, meaning you have overall better control over the subject. Whatever the reason, it’s best to ensure their location makes sound business sense for your project.

What about materials, what do you use?

There are a wide variety of materials that fabricators can use, however, some choose to specialise in just one or two. While some materials work better than others for a particular project, it’s best to ensure that they can offer you material alternatives and variants where necessary. If they can’t or are rigid in their approach, then you might want to talk to another company who are more flexible in their approach.

Can you handle all aspects of this project?

Naturally when fabricators outsource any aspect of their manufacturing, fabrication and/or installation processes it can cause issues with timescales, costs, and of course, project co-ordination. If you have a tight project deadline, or your timescale just isn’t flexible, then you may want to ensure that your project is being dealt with from start to finish by one single supplier. Communication is easier as a result, and if there are any problems or delays, it’s easier to pinpoint the issue quickly and come up with a workable solution.

So there you have it, 5 key questions you really should be asking!

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