5 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Steel Fabricator

Whether you’re looking for a steel fabricator in Brisbane or some other part of Australia, you need to consider the same factors. It can be tricky finding the right provider or contractor for your project needs, and steel is certainly no exception, with its own set of considerations to take into account. We’ve put together this blog post to help you progress with your search and edge you that bit closer. The following 5 elements will help you decide which steel fabrication business is best suited to you.

  1. Experience and reputation – When choosing a steel fabricator, naturally their skill and expertise are important. In looking for a professional steel builder and installer, these requirements may be even more exacting. Due to its strength and durability, steel is used in many different projects, and quite often steel work forms the foundation and overall structure of a building. This can range from complex work such as a new build or mezzanine structure through to simpler tasks such as handrails and exterior steel finishing. In almost every case, the steelwork needs to be legally compliant and fully safe. Because of the way steel is to be used in your project, the expertise and reputation of your chosen steelworker are hugely important.
  2. Consider the source – Another element to consider when choosing a steel fabricator is how and where from, they source their steel. Sourcing from local manufacturers is not only a sustainable practice but it gives the fabricator more abundant and efficient access to their necessary metals. This, in turn, translates to faster work, better customer service, and indicates a solid relationship with the local and national steel industry.
  3. Project specifications – Without a doubt, your unique project needs are likely to influence your decision. While many of our clients simply need steel to be provided, several more are interested in our services, and quite likely you are too. When making your choice of steel fabricator try and find one that offers a range of services and specialisation, including supply, design, finish, delivery, installation and more besides. Furthermore, ensure that the fabricator has experience serving commercial, residential, and industrial projects alike.
  4. The Right Expertise – Depending on what you need from a steel fabricator, you may also want to search for one with specific expertise. Selecting a fabricator with the relevant experience can help avoid delays and other issues which could hold up your project. If the fabricator has the necessary expertise he is able to identify and minimise any potential problems due to having worked on similar projects before.
  5. Emphasis on Quality and Capability – You deserve the best service possible. Never settle for substandard steel products or shoddy workmanship. Ask your potential fabricator about their equipment, facilities, and resources. Do they have the capability to handle several decent sized projects at the same time? This is an indication that they know what they are doing and will supply on time.

Here at Metro Steel our purpose-built facility comes complete with an overhead crane. We offer a full fabrication service using qualified tradesmen. The majority of our work is for builders working on domestic and commercial projects, but basically, we can make pretty much anything out of steel.

Why not give our experts a call on 07 3204 1000 to discuss how we can help with your project.


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