5 Important Factors To look For When Seeking The Right Metal Fabrication Company

metal fabricatorSo you’ve got a project looming on the horizon and you need some metal fabrication work. It might be something as small as a simple metal sign or something as large as kitting out a whole manufacturing plant. Even though you know what needs to be done, finding the right fabrication company to carry out the task is probably not as easy. After all, get it wrong and it could end up costing you a small fortune, not to mention hours and even days of lost time. With this in mind, just how do you decide which company is the best fit for your project?

Here are some tips:

Ask to see examples of previous work

The first thing you need to determine pretty quickly is that the company have the ability to carry out the work. In other words… are they up to the job? One way to find out is to ask to see some examples of previous work. Any fabrication company worth their salt will have some sort of a portfolio and this should give you an instant glimpse into their style and indeed quality of work.

Check for certifications

When a company holds certifications it usually guarantees their quality of work and demonstrates that high standards are always met. Certifications are a good indicator that the company knows what they’re doing and more importantly understands how to do it well.

Are they able to work to specific designs?

Anyone with the right tools can cut, weld and fabricate metal. The kicker comes when the company are able to take a design and scale it up or down to exacting specifications without losing out on quality. Some of the larger companies will work out the design for you, but even if they don’t they should ask the right questions so that every detail you give is delivered to perfection in the finished product.

Pay the fabricator a visit in person

If possible take a trip out and speak with the prospective fabricator by visiting their premises. You might not know what every machine does, but if they’ve only got a handful of employees you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether or not they have the capacity to handle your project. It may be that your project is small and bespoke and that’s great, but if you need fabrication on a large scale the you might be better to opt for a larger company.

Determine deadlines

if you have a metal fabrication project then it’s extremely probable that you’ll be up against a deadline. Whether it’s for a demanding client of yours, or for an equally demanding wife who’s been asking you for a new stainless steel kitchen for years, then time probably isn’t on your side. With this in mind, you’ll need to get an idea of whether your chosen fabricator has the same sense of urgency as you. While hiccups can arise in any given situation you’ll get a good idea from their responses. Do they call you back within a reasonable time frame?  Can they deliver a quote quickly? All of these aspects will give you a good idea of whether they’ll be able to deliver your project on time and within budget.

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