5 Great Reasons Why Building With Steel Makes Perfect Sense

modern steel homeAlthough we imagine steel buildings to be those enormous skyscrapers that dominate city skylines, the truth is that more and more homeowners looking to take on a self-build are considering steel as their main source of material. So why is this? Here are 5 great reasons why building with steel makes perfect sense.

Design freedom

Aside from being incredibly robust, steel has a malleability about it like no other material. This means that it can be rolled, cut, or bent to just about any shape. It can also be produced in a wide variety of colours, textures, and shapes, giving designers the freedom to produce something that pushes the boundaries of contemporary living. It’s long-spanning ability gives rise to designing areas with vast open spaces which seems to fit in well with our ideals of modern-day living. Finally steel can be finished to the most exacting factory specifications which can be repeated over and over again. This eliminates the risk variable measurements when on-site.

Efficient, fast and resourceful

One of the main benefits of steel is that components can be assembled off-site leaving minimal on-site labour costs. What’s more it can be erected quickly in all weathers. Take a steel frame for example, it can usually be assembled in a matter of a few days. This goes completely against the grain of other building materials which can take months. Steel frames also have the added bonus of having far less points of contact with the earth, particularly in single storey dwellings. This limits the need for heavy excavation. The lightweight structure of steel also allows a smaller simpler foundation than you would get with concrete, again saving on material and labour costs.

Steel built structure make change easy

More often than not buildings that suited one purpose don’t necessarily suit another. As a result occupiers might want to make significant changes that can drastically increase floor loads. Walls might need to be repositioned and even entire floors put in to accommodate growing families and their needs. The good news is that structures built from steel are far more adaptable to change. Supporting beams and girders are easily re-enforced with cover plates, extra re-enforcements can easily be added in the form of further lightweight beams, and non-composite supports can easily be made composite to support mezzanine floors. Finally steel framing provides easy access to wiring, network cables, and communication systems should any changes or upgrades be needed.

Creates more open space

We’ve touched on the fact that steel buildings give the opportunity to create modern contemporary designs with vast open spaces; this is because in certain cases, lattice or trussed steel, is strong enough to support areas up to 150 metres in length without the need for supporting columns. As you can imagine this type of freedom quite literally opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

It’s recyclable

Perhaps the most exciting thing about steel is that it’s endlessly recyclable. Steel framed structures that have no use can be demolished with it’s component parts can be put back into the steel making process. In fact, tests have shown that steel components can be recycled time and time again without having any effect on either strength or durability. Just to put this into perspective, at present over 50% of the entire world’s steel production is made using recycled material and this is only the start. Industry leaders are hopeful that they will reach a figure of nearer 90% in the not too distant future.

With proof like this, there’s every reason that we are likely to see more and more steel framed houses being made in the future.

Even if you aren’t in the market for a new build-steel framed house, but are interested in having steel work made to your specifications then you need to speak to Metro Steel. We’ve been in the Steel fabricating business for many years and provide fast turnaround on anything from major constructions to small intricate jobs. Why not contact us on 07 3204 1000 to see exactly what we can do for you.