4 Ways To Minimise Prefabricated Steel Construction Costs For Your Build

prefabricated steel constructionBy opting to design and build with prefabricated steel it’s fair to say that you’re already taken one of the biggest steps towards controlling construction costs. After all, once the pieces are brought to site, the only thing left to do is to erect it. Well…that’s the simplified version anyway. That said, the construction of any structure can become expensive if certain factors aren’t controlled. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some areas where you might be able to keep costs down.

Agree on a realistic cost plan

Costs can easily spiral out of control if you don’t have a realistic handle on the prices. For example are the costs quoted by your contractor including construction or is this an add on price? Normally all prices quoted should include construction, so you’ll need to ensure that it does. In addition make sure that that quote is in writing and is broken down or itemised. This way if the company tries to add on any ‘extras’, it can quickly be checked.

Use standard steel lengths

Wherever possible design for and utilise standard steel lengths. Why? Because typically standard lengths are cheaper than special measures. In addition when specifically designing with standard lengths in mind, you won’t have to worry about the extra labour costs in cutting the material and getting rid of the scrap.

Ask about market conditions

The price of steel fluctuates just like any commodity so it’s well worth asking your steel vendor whether one particular size or type is cheaper than another. Generally speaking the prefabrication company know what the mills are currently rolling to create more supply and this in turn should lower the cost, so it’s well worth asking, especially if it’s going to save you a few bucks in the process.

Check all pieces when they arrive

Just imagine putting together a thousand piece jigsaw only to get to the very end and find out the final part is missing. It’s not only incredibly frustrating it’s a whole heap of wasted time. Instead wouldn’t it have been better to count and check all the pieces before you start, then if there was a problem the jigsaw could have been exchanged for another one right away.

The same goes for prefabricated steel structures. Getting something half built only to realise that there is a missing part or a part that is the wrong length will cause project delays, and project delays cost money. Instead check all the parts are present and correct at the time of delivery This way if there is an issue with a part it can go back on the same delivery truck and replacements ordered immediately. In doing so, by the time it comes to needing them, the replacement parts would have arrived and no time has been lost.

By following these tips you can save a good deal of time and money plus a great deal of hassle.

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