4 Ways Stainless Steel Trolleys Can Be Used In The Automotive Industry – Hint They’re More Common Than You Think

Manufacturers who make vehicle parts are constantly being challenged to achieve measured results consistently. More often than not their margins are squeezed and any defects can result in product recalls which cost time and money, not to mention extra resources. All the while these factors can negatively impact on a manufacturer’s reputation, even to the extent of losing contracts. As a result ensuring top notch quality and consistency is key.

Believe it or not, something as simple as a stainless steel cart or trolley, can help improve productivity and while cutting costs. Here’s how…

Moving larger parts quickly that are too heavy to lift manually

Certain manufactured parts that pertain to vehicles are too big and bulky to lift by one person alone. Of course one answer may be a fork lift or crane, but in many cases, confined spaces such as manufacturing plants have, often prevent their use. Alternatively it’s possible that they could be winched or manhandled to where they need to go; but in the case of the former, the part may be too fragile to be moved in this way and too bulky to safely be moved by the latter method. A stainless steel cart/trolley could be the ideal compromise. The parts can be loaded on to the strong cart in multiples and caster wheels would ensure the parts are moved from point A to point B safely.

Moving multiple lighter parts

In addition to moving heavier parts, stainless steel trolleys are ideal for the bulk movement of lighter smaller parts. Most carts come with basket options which can be utilised and of course, the advantage here is that it allows departments to move goods between different manufacturing/finishing processes with ease.

Short term storage vessels

Many manufacturers over-prep parts in the likely event that they will need them for the next order. While this may be time saving and cost effective, it does present a problem…storage! They need to be safely stored and out of the way, until needed. Stainless steel carts are ideal for this exact purpose. They can be loaded with the appropriate baskets to store sufficient stock, but in addition they can be wheeled in and out of position when parts need to be retrieved fast, without impinging on that all important productivity.

Drying after cleaning

Many vehicle parts have strict condition requirements. Ultimately this means that any parts that are scratched, scuffed, or dirty could prevent moving parts from functioning properly. To prevent this the majority of parts are put through a variety of processes including chemical decontamination, dipping, and deep cleansing. Many will go through several of these processes and will need to be air dried before moving on to the next stage. Stainless steel trolleys provide a safe place with plenty of air flow which in turn gives recently cleaned parts the chance to dry before moving on to the next processing stage.

If you like the idea of a steel cart/trolley for any of the above then come and talk to Metro Steel. In addition to a wide range of fabricated products, we can make stainless steel trolleys to your exacting requirements and needs. To find out more, give us a call on 07 3204 1000 and talk to our friendly team.

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