3 Types Of Steel Fabricators Use

A good steel fabricator can produce a wide range of products ranging from decorative railings or gates, pipes or beams used in construction, through to refined tooling parts. While it is indeed a multitude of items, they’re normally produced using 3 just different types of steel. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the main types that metal fabricators use.

Structural steel

The lifeblood of any half decent fabricator is structural steel. As the name suggests it’s often used in construction. Structural steel can be broken down into four categories, These are:

  • Carbon steel – Used for decorative shapes, plates pipes and tubing

  • High strength low alloy – Used for more intricate embellishment

  • Corrosion resistant low alloy – Popular for outdoor projects such as railings

  • Tempered alloy – Often used on trailers and trucks to provide flexibility and strength

Material steel

This is by far the most popular type of steel a fabricator will use and is frequently utilised in the manufacturing industry. It’s perfect for consumer products because it’s both malleable and heat-treated. Material steel includes plain or pure steels made from iron or carbon in addition to steel alloys containing titanium or copper. While remaining hardy, it’s not the best material for structural applications. Less experienced fabricators have been known to use this type of material for constructing products like guardrails and this can be dangerous. So when you’re seeking out companies for construction, always ask about the quality of the steel that they use.

Tool steel

Tool steel is relatively rare in fabricating shops, primarily because bespoke tool making is a highly skilled and specialised task. Depending upon the nature of the tool needed, this usually reflects on the type of steel required. Each tool steel normally has a rating based on its elements and this is linked in to its intended application. For example air hardened, shock resistant, or a wide range of other factors may determine whether the tool is used as a pressure or cutting implement.

The advantages that steel can bring to a project means that it’s extremely popular. Aside from its obvious strength it’s durable, pliable, and resistant to corrosion. This not only makes steel a popular construction material but it’s also good for safety products such as protective railings, enclosures, and staircases. In addition decorative steel products have the ability to stand up to the elements and remain beautiful no matter what the reason

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