3 Situations Where a Stainless-Steel Grain Finish Is Beneficial

When determining the finish for your stainless-steel project it’s vital that you choose wisely to ensure that your product meets both the needs of your utility and your industry.

Typically, the most common option for both commercial and residential steel applications is a brushed or grained finish. This article details 3 situations where a stainless-steel grain application is most likely to be used.

  1. Industrial or Heavy Traffic Areas – A grained finish is often used for areas of heavy traffic or for applications facing heavy usage. This type of stainless-steel finish is highly resistant to wear and tear and will look good for many years to come. Because the grain hasn’t been polished out of the stainless steel, it presents a dull sheen which isn’t easily scratched or visibly damaged. This makes it the ideal choice for machinery parts and for the wall panels in service escalators, for example.
  2. Protective panels for food or drink manufacturing – Although stainless steel with a grain finish isn’t normally used in the manufacture of high-grade food and chemical products, it is often used in the protective barriers that are placed around the machinery. Why is this? A grain finish enables bacteria and harmful pollutants to accumulate, making it unsuitable for food and chemical manufacturing. However, because it provides a study surface which isn’t easily damaged it’s perfect for protecting workers from the machinery, throughout the manufacturing process.
  3. Commercial machinery and equipment – Stainless steel grain finish is the ideal choice for commercial equipment and machinery that doesn’t involve the use of porous materials. For instance, manufacturing equipment for scientific purposes or for clothing, could likely need the sturdiness of steel and its integrity but doesn’t necessarily need the low porosity of steel that has been hot rolled.

In this type of application, stainless steel grain is great for the job. It’s extremely durable, not likely to damage the product, and easy to clean. The grain finish offers all the strength of stainless steel without the cost of more intense preparation.

So, what stainless-steel grain finishes are commonly used?

Stainless steel #3 and #4 are commonly used in industrial applications and feature a brushed finish with a directional steel grain which is easy to detect. Lacking the mirror or shiny finish, it doesn’t show wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for commercial and industrial situations.

When used in the residential sector, you’re likely to see stainless steel with a grain finish used for kitchen sinks, home appliances, floor kick plates, and non-shiny wall panels in elevators.

If you’re unsure of the best stainless-steel options for your next project, then give the experts at Metro Steel a call today on 07 3204 1000.

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