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At Metro Steel, we provide steel posts for a wide range of applications. such as house columns, decks, patios, carports, shade sails & much more.

Our steel posts can be supplied in square, round or rectangle shapes, in a multitude of sizes, thicknesses, and lengths. Alternative top and base plate configurations, cleats, holes, and side tags as well as any other special requirements you might have, can also be fabricated depending on your needs.

All Steel used in our posts meet or exceed Australian standards and can be supplied in a range of finishes such as galvanised, primed, powder coated and more.

Suitable for commercial and residential building projects.

Our versatile steel posts have many uses for both builders and other tradesmen on a wide range of projects.

For better protection, the posts can be hot dip galvanised after fabrication so that the entire post is coated inside and out. Hot dipping involves immersing the post in molten zinc once it has been fabricated to provide greater resistance against corrosion. Posts can also be powder coated in a range of stylish colours to match your décor or complement your surroundings.

How is it created? Stock lengths of RHS or pipe are cut to length to be used as the shaft. They then have custom-made plates welded to them as per the customers/engineers requirements.

Posts are typically designed to be cast into concrete or to bolt down on top.

Why Us?

  • Our steel posts are of the highest quality
  • With years of experience, we can advise customers on the most suitable steel products for their project
  • Turnaround is speedy often with delivery on the same day
  • Posts can be fabricated to suit your individual requirements
  • Our customer service is excellent so why not drop by and test us out for yourself?
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