Privacy screens are a great option which is also very pleasing to look at. Since we can customise your screen with all types of designs from simplistic to intricate, your options are endless.

Benefits of privacy screens

  • Maintain a required level of privacy – The most obvious benefit of having a privacy screen installed is that they give you back the privacy you crave. 
  • Disguise any ugly element – Another good use for privacy screens to conceal elements of your backyard which distract from its aesthetics – things such as rubbish bins and potting sheds, are just two elements which spring to mind.
  • Protection from the elements – Partly enclosed metal screens are a great way of enjoying the feeling of fresh air without actually being outside. During the warmer summer months, they can also reduce the UV rays and heat coming through, so you don’t feel cooped up and stuffy.
  • Low maintenance – Maintaining a wooden fence can be hard work, what with having to stain it each year. It can also get infected by insects and rot in wet weather. To prevent your steel privacy sheet from corroding we can give it a hot dip galvanised treatment. Alternatively, we can powder coat it in whatever colour you like, whether it’s to match your décor or to make a bold statement in the garden.
  • Cost effective – Having a metal privacy screen installed is a cheaper option than getting a brick wall built and looks amazing too. Powder coating will make your privacy screen more durable and with minimal maintenance costs to factor in, a screen offers an extremely cost-effective solution.

If you’re interested in having a privacy screen installed, then come and have a chat with the experts at Metro Steel. We can tailor the size to fit your space and decorate it with any type of design. We’ve always said that when it comes to steel, there isn’t anything we can’t do, so why not put us to the test?

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