Types of portal frames

Portal frames come in a variety of styles, including:

Pitched roof symmetrical portal frameUniversal beams are normally used to construct this type of portal frame which as a generous area in the eaves.

Portal frame with interior mezzanine floorThis type of portal frame contains a mezzanine floor which extends from one side of the building part of the way across to accommodate office staff or for additional storage.

Propped portal frameWhere the portal frame covers a large area and there’s no requirement for a clear span, columns and pillars which take up minimal floor space are used to reduce the size of the rafters.

Manyard portal frame -This can be used in those circumstances where the eaves height of the building has to be minimised but a large clear height is required mid-span.

Mono pitch portal frameThis is a simpler version of a pitched roof portal frame and is generally used for smaller buildings.

Advantages of Portal Frames

  • Quick to erect
  • A building can be quickly enclosed and made watertight
  • Since the framework is fabricated in a workshop, building isn’t delayed by the weather
  • Site works such as drainage and roads can be carried out until the portal frame is ready to be erected
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