What exactly is a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor is located between the main floors of a building. Rather than cover the full length of a building, it usually extends from one side of the building, a bit like a balcony, which is why it isn’t regarded as an additional main floor. In addition, this design allows for the mezzanine floor and the floor beneath it to share the same ceiling, keeping cost down.

Commercial mezzanines

Warehouses and retail stores often make use of stand-alone mezzanine floors. Made from steel, these can be constructed off-site and assembled inside the building. Access is usually from a set of stairs or a lift.

This type of mezzanine floor gives warehouse owners more flexibility since the design can be adapted to their unique needs. There is no need for extensive or complex construction work on the existing building, instead, the stand-alone design can be made to any size and simply installed where it’s needed in the building.

What are the benefits of mezzanine floors?

  • Additional space gained by utilising higher areas of unused space
  • Can be dismantled and relocated elsewhere
  • A cost-effective solution which avoids relocation expenses
  • A flexible design which can be tailored to your exact needs
  • Lightweight strong steel structure
  • Seamless integration within an existing building
  • Top quality powder coatings in a variety of attractive colours
  • Fast construction with minimal disruption
  • No building permits required

How can mezzanine floors be used?

There are a couple of ways mezzanine floors can be used within an industrial setting or retail setting:

  • Storage – Even the simplest metal structure with a solid floor and sufficient load bearing, can provide a surprising amount of additional storage space for packaging, boxes, equipment, and pallet storage.
  • Office space – An office mezzanine can include all the features you’d expect to find in an office environment, including outlets and power plugs, lighting, and heating.
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