Steel, aluminium & stainless steel are a very popular choice for handrails mostly because of the benefits these material provide. As well as being easier to set up and install than other options, these rails can be supported by posts as a standalone feature or fixed with a bracket and mounted onto a wall.

The versatility of metal handrails makes them an appealing choice but if you’re still to be convinced, then we’ve put together 4 benefits of using them both in the home and in a commercial setting.

Strong and durable

When considering handrails, it’s important that they’re durable and constructed from a strong material for safety reasons. Metal is one of the most durable materials for this purpose and is far stronger than timber. What’s more, metals won’t rot like timber, resist corrosion, and stand up better to the harsh Australian elements, making it an ideal choice if you’re installing outdoor handrails.


Easy to maintain

Naturally, maintenance is an important factor, particularly if your handrails are in high traffic areas. Our handrails require very little maintenance, which makes it the ideal choice for handrails in commercial and retail settings, especially.

Aesthetic appeal

An experienced metal fabricator can design all types of handrails from those that are smooth, sleek, and modern in their appearance while still meeting Australian and BCA standards.

If you’re considering having a new railing built, there really is no better option. It’s the perfect choice for those with an open stairway since it can be combined with glass and wood elements to create a style that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Design Diversity

Another advantage of choosing steel, stainless steel or aluminium for your handrail is the fact that there are so many designs to choose from, based on your specific indoor and outdoor décor. If you’re looking for a custom handrail, then the experts at Metro Steel can take your ideas and turn them into a reality.

Now we’ve highlighted all the benefits of our handrails, why not look to Metro Steel for a custom design? You can call us on 07 3204 1000 to discuss your handrail project or you’re welcome to call in at our facility at Kabi Circuit, Deception Bay to see how we can help you.

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