What’s the best way to use steel bollards?

Mostly they’re used to protect building entrances and properties whether that be a bank, shop, or hospital. They’re also found in a wide variety of places including shopping centres, sports centres, schools, apartment complexes and business premises. They have a number of uses too, such as

Pedestrian safety – Steel bollards can be used to prevent vehicle access while also restraining pedestrian flow. We recommend installing them close to the entrances of buildings and other areas where there’s a high footfall, to regulate pedestrian safety.

Protection of buildings or objects – Damage to buildings and objects, whether its intentional or unintentional can be extremely costly. Bollards provide stand-off protection while ensuring that vehicles are kept away from high-risk locations or vulnerable buildings.

Securing perimeters – Steel bollards are also frequently used to safeguard storefronts where vehicles may intentionally be used to ram windows and doors in order to gain entry with intent to steal.

How bollards are fitted

Our steel bollards can be fabricated in a wide range of sizes and dimensions, and can be fitted in a number of ways:

  • Baseplate – This involves fitting the bollard to a square metal plate which is then fixed to the ground.
  • Direct fixed – This involves fitting the bollard directly into the ground.
  • Removable bollards– This type of fixture is recommended for circumstances where the bollards are for temporary use, such as where a parking area of construction is a temporary measure. They fit into a post lock enabling them to be removed with ease, or they can be designed to collapse.
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