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galvanised mesh
Galvanised Mesh – Discover The Benefits of This Versatile Material
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Galvanised mesh is usually supplied in stock dimensions and comes in numerous shapes and sizes. It’s a versatile material that can be used in many different ways from machine guards and protective cages to fencing and anti-burglary screens. While the construction and building industries are the largest users of galvanised mesh it can, however, be used for many other applications, including: Rural fencing Wall retention Landscaping Outdoor fencing Safety guards Agricultural barriers/structures Concrete reinforcement in foundations Infill panels What is galvanising? Galvanising...

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steel corrosion
How to Prevent Steel Corrosion
The number one enemy of custom steel fabrication has always been steel corrosion. It damages structures made from steel, disrupts fabrication and installation of steel products, causes costly maintenance, and can lead to potential power failures and the closure of facilities. This is the reason that steel fabricators like Metro Steel ensure that materials and metal components in every project are of the highest quality and fit for purpose. Custom steel fabrication Custom steel fabrication is at the heart of the...

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