Stair Stringers

If you’re in need of stair stringers, then you’ve come to the right place. At Metro Steel, we supply a  range of standard RHS steel stair stringers or we can tailor a steel stringer solution to meet your exact specification and requirement.

What are stair stringers?

A stair stringer is the part of a staircase to which the treads are fixed. As such, it plays a critical role in supporting the treads so that the stairs remain stable and safe for people to walk up and down on.

Typically, there are two stringers, one on either side of the staircase. 


Types of stair stringers

Metro Steel can supply, 

  • Standard Stringers. 
  • Mono Stringers 
  • Cantilever Stringers
  • Custom


Mono Stringers – for open staircases

One of the most popular styles of stringer is known as a mono or centre stringer. These form part of an open plan staircase with the stringer usually placed in the centre of the treads, although it can be offset. While mono stringers typically support treads made from timber, they can conceivably support treads made from a variety of materials including stone, glass, or steel.

When compared to traditionally styled stairs, mono-stringers stair designs are usually airier and more open because they’re not hidden by supports on either side of the treads. The metal stringers are usually less apparent because they’re placed beneath the treads themselves, usually in a central position. This gives the staircase a feeling of lightness and openness which is popular in modern buildings, especially.

It’s important that mono stringers are made from a strong material such as steel to give the stair structure the support it needs and make it stable and safe. Modern engineering methods and materials also mean that quite long spans can be achieved using mono stringers. Also, when compared to traditional stairs, mono stringers rely more on fabricated structural components, which we can supply at Metro Steel, such as laser-cut folded metal plates and square hollow steel sections.


Whatever stair stringer your project needs, we’ve got you covered. Give the experts at Metro steel a call today on 07 3204 1000 to discuss your requirements or drop by our purpose built facility at Kabi Circuit, Deception Bay.

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